Aug 08

Hong Kong Food Tour, as Featured on Foodie Magazine

Woohoo! Here’s a great piece of news – our Hong Kong Food Tour has been featured on award-winning Foodie Magazine, leading food and beverage authority in Hong Kong! Amongst the city’s best food tours, Big Foot Tour has been awarded the highest rating for Family Friendliness! Here’s the review by Celia (Editor) and Tessa (Deputy Editor):

Hong Kong Food Tour - Big Foot Tour - Foodie Magazine


To read the full article, “The Foodies Trails – Beat the streets to discover HK’s best street food tours“, please click on the image below.

Hong Kong Food Tour - Big Foot Tour - Foodie Magazine


In town for the week? Come and join us on our Hong Kong Food Tour, where we share with you authentic Hong Kong food and the interesting stories behind each dish. With a fully flexible itinerary, you determine what, how much and how fast you will like to eat. In addition, this is the tour where you’ll get a taste of Hong Kong’s history, culture and local life in between your food-stops! Hungry for more? Book your Hong Kong Food Tour today!



Jul 19

Hong Kong Dining – RN First Bite ABC: Food Tour with Big Foot Tour

Recently, the team at Big Foot Tour had the pleasure of showing Barbara Heggen (Broadcaster at ABC) and her family around on our Hong Kong Food Tour. Besides introducing a variety of authentic Hong Kong food, we shared interesting stories behind Hong Kong’s history, culture as well as local life.

Hong Kong Dining - RN First Bite ABC - Hong Kong Food Tour - Big Foot Tour

As broadcasted on RN First Bite – ABC, listen to the media clip below for some fun snippets recorded during the walk!


Visiting Hong Kong soon? Come and join us on a Hong Kong Food Tour to experience amazing local cuisine and fascinating local cultures!


May 26

Hong Kong Guide : 2014 Winner – TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence – Hong Kong Walking Tours

We did it again! Big Foot Tour has been awarded the 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for our Hong Kong Walking Tours! Thank you, our dearest walking tour guests, for granting us this special moment.

Hong Kong Tours - Big Foot Tour - TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014 - TripAdvisor - Hong Kong Walking Tours

We have been some of the luckiest people in the world, waking up every day to explore Hong Kong and make friends with awesome travelers from all over the world. Together, we conquered the zealous sun, horrible humidity and/or an over-generous pour of rain. We broke cultural barriers, exchanging our perspectives on big topics such as history, language and politics. We bonded over finer things in life, from local delicacies to that perfect drink at our favourite secret spots.

Some call it fate. Some say it’s affinity. However, we know that all these interactions would not have been possible if you had not trust us with your valuable time in Hong Kong. We can’t say it enough -

Thank you for going on a walking tour with us. We hold every tour close to our hearts and we are very grateful for the precious opportunity to share with you our passion for Hong Kong.

Thank you for taking that extra time and effort to craft a review for us on TripAdvisor. We’ll keep improving. Your words mean a lot to us as we want to be the Hong Kong walking tour company that you are always proud of.

Thank you for extending your warm hands of friendship. When we next meet, we’ll continue to share our travel adventures, laugh over silly life moments, and for some of you, till our next round of Chicken Feet, Snake Soup and Duck’s tongues. =D

Walk it. Feel it. Love it.

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May 18

Hong Kong Guide : Seeing Hong Kong with Big Foot Tour!

Here’s a lovely write-up by travel writer and photographer, Sue Frause, who went on our Hong Kong Private Tour recently.

One of my favorite ways to see a city is on a walking tour. After doing a fair amount of research before our trip to Hong Kong, I signed my friend Sandy and I up for a private tour with Big Foot Tour. It turned out to be our favorite daytime activity…

(Click on the image to read more about a walk with Big Foot Tour!)

Hong Kong Tours - Big Foot Tour - Walking Tours

Come and join us on a Hong Kong walking tour! We love making it fun and easy for our guests to immerse in a real Hong Kong environment. Book your Hong Kong tours at Big Foot Tour today!


May 08

Hong Kong Guide : MTR Station Names

Hong Kong has one of the most efficient MTR (subway) system in the world. You head to Mongkok station for our famous Ladies Market, travel to Kowloon Station for a panoramic view of Hong Kong from our tallest building (ICC) and check out the magnificent 10,000 Buddha statues located near Sha Tin Station.

Wait a minute, did you know:

Mongkok means “Prosperous Corner”, Kowloon refers to “Nine Dragons” and Sha Tin means “Sandfield?”

Here’s a literal translation of our MTR station names by Justin Moe:

Hong Kong MTR Stations map - Big Foot Tour - Hong Kong Tours


We’ve come a long way. Watch these clips below (5 parts) which document the birth of our MTR system!