Dec 14

Hong Kong Guide : Don’t Stop Walking

Keep your shoes on. Don’t stop walking and exploring.

Spotted during a tour with Renate. It was a scene that touched my heart and made me pensive for a few moments. When Renate stopped to take a few pictures of them as unobtrusively as possible, I waited at the side, appreciating the finer details of that beautiful moment.

We had bumped into them twice. Each time, they were constantly looking out for one another as they walked down the steep slopes of Mid-Levels with their trendy and functional sneakers. The occasional nudges and grins on their faces when they spot something to share spoke volumes of their deep bond. Their chemistry was strong. They had similar bags, which were slung the same way over their shoulders, and so were their hairstyles and outfits.

How sweet.

It made me wonder about life when I get to their respectable age.  How will Hong Kong be like in a few decades time? Will those iconic green booths (in the background) still be around? Perhaps more importantly, where will I be? Will I still be able to appreciate my surroundings as much as they do? I had no answer at that point in time. Neither do I have any now. That’s the beauty of time, isn’t it? It will tell, when it should.

For now, I know I don’t want to stop. I want to keep on walking and exploring. Big Foot Tour has been in operation for some time by now. I’m more than grateful to every single guest that I have met. Thank you for giving me the chance to show you around this fascinating city. Thank you for allowing me to learn from you – be it stories about your country, your life or constructive feedback on my tours. Thank you so much for letting me pursue this little dream of mine.

With the festive season ahead,  I wish all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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