Hong Kong Guide: Coffin Houses

Poor people in Hong Kong live in Coffin House. We are not joking. The winner takes it all. The loser standing small beside the victory. Is that really the destiny of the poor? I wish the government can do something more. Cage homes. Coffin Houses. Whatever you call it, the poor lives in the dirtiest Read more about Hong Kong Guide: Coffin Houses[…]

Hong Kong Guide: Settling Down

The past 2 months had been really hectic. My Hong Kong landlord made his decision to sell the apartment that I was living in. Apparently, my rental contract had crossed its legal tenure and hence technically, he did not have to serve me any notice and I was to move out almost immediately. Thankfully, the landlord, Read more about Hong Kong Guide: Settling Down[…]

Hong Kong Guide: Misrepresented Apartments

Caustic humour aside, the clip below reflects the harsh reality of property market in Hong Kong. 1. Houses can get really small in Hong Kong. 2. Misrepresentation. 3. Misrepresentation. 4. Misrepresentation. 5. Misrepresentation. English subtitles are available. If you can’t view the embedded video, you may want to check out the youtube link directly.