Hong Kong Guide: SoCO – We Live

War. Starvation. Migration. Instability. A speck of dust in the great 30s and 40s. With a will not of their own; in the turbulence of history, All assembled in the past shattered into nought. Looking back, They lived a life which spanned over generations. Asking for little in an uneasy life, save for The simplest, Read more about Hong Kong Guide: SoCO – We Live[…]

Hong Kong Guide: Helping SoCO

At Big Foot Tour, we have always been actively looking for ways to help and do our part for society. If one observes carefully, there are many signs in our daily lives which reveal the less-than-optimal living conditions in Hong Kong. Often, these are hidden behind the facade of fancy malls and tall buildings. Did Read more about Hong Kong Guide: Helping SoCO[…]

Hong Kong Guide: High Turnover

It has been a terrible week of awareness. In Hong Kong, change is the only constant. In fact, we have a crazy high turnover. There are 2 units currently undergoing renovation in my building and the drilling noise irritates me to the core. Everyday, without fail, the drilling starts at 9.30am and does not seem to stop until the Read more about Hong Kong Guide: High Turnover[…]