Hong Kong Guide: Classic Songs

Today, we are in the mood to share with you some classic Hong Kong songs.

Leslie Cheung is one of Hong Kong’s founding fathers of Canto-Pop. Sadly, he passed away on 1st April 2003, leaving a suicide note that said he was suffering from depression.

Artist: Leslie Cheung, 張國榮

Song Title: 追

Year: 1994


Ask around for a prominent Hong Kong band, and the name ‘Beyond’ will pop up. Wong Ka Kui was the founder and lead vocal of the group. Unfortunately, while filling a TV game show in Japan, he had an accident and passed away. This was his last song with the band and is, without a doubt, a very classic Hong Kong song.

Artist: Beyond

Song Title: 海闊天空

Year: 1993


You can’t miss Hong Kong’s famous barbecued pork buns when you are in town. But do you know there’s an old Mandarin song which professes our love for bun? Check this out:

Artist: 徐小鳳

Song Title: 叉燒包

Year: 1973

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